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An unlikely pair


Atay & JAX are the result of a child’s Christmas wish bringing their favourite meme page to life. Although they “spit fire bars” they also don’t take themselves too seriously, and walk the line between comedy, pop, punk, and hip-hop. They are leading a movement of young-adult fans who aren’t quite ready to grow up.


Short Bio

Atay & JAX are a new Nova Scotian hip hop group compiled of Adam "Atay" Taylor of Spryfield and Jaxon "JAX" Booth of Lunenburg. In 2019 the duo began collaborating in the studio to create "Honey" a 9 song LP that served as JAX's debut album and served up a mellow, alternative hip-hop sound with comedic undertones and small-town stories. Atay engineered, mixed, mastered, and featured on the record. The intention was never to present as a duo, but when the album launched, the chemistry in their performances was undeniable, and the fans demanded to hear more. Atay & JAX

quickly developed a reputation for their gritty, high energy, punk-esque live performances. Footage from these shows created major “FOMO” and on social media. People from all around were showing up in surprising numbers to these campy church hall concerts, whilst screaming the lyrics along with high accuracy. On February 15th 2020 Atay & JAX released their debut album as a duo. To Date ‘Last Night’ has been streamed over 200,000 times. JAX's sophomore solo album "Shark Week" was released on August 28th 2020 and includes 2 tracks with Atay including it's lead single "Summer 16". 


Long Bio

Patience has been the key to Atay & JAX’s early success, but now that they have momentum they do not plan on slowing down. Although they are a new hip hop duo, they each have been grinding out their own solo projects since 2017. Atay released an EP, and 3 albums from his home studio, and JAX tested out his flow under a variety of aliases on SoundCloud. They under-promoted, and didn’t really put themselves out there “whoever fucked with it fucked with it, we didn’t push it”. Neither of them even did a public performance until 2019 when they were both asked to showcase at a local hip hop show at the Halifax Pavillion; Atay said no to the gig but still showed up to support. Thankfully Jaxon said yes! Atay was impressed by this new emcee who was going by the stage name “NOX” at the time. Atay invited Jaxon to the studio, it was the first time either of them really embraced musical collaboration “I was shitting my pants - Jaxon”. The chemistry was natural from day one, in their very first session together they wrote and recorded 2 songs, one of which became “Pellet Gun” the song that turned their world upside down.

With the artistic direction of Atay’s film school friend Rob Weddleton; the Pellet Gun music video became what it was, and created a demand for more. That video caught the attention of new fans, fellow artists, and industry folk. It was the lead single from JAX’s debut album “Honey” a 9 song project that was recorded in Atay’s bedroom and carried them through a busy summer of doing small hall shows across mainland Nova Scotia. Much to their surprise they had fans, who actually showed up, paid the ticket price, and knew all the fucking words...

Their first show as a duo was actually Atay’s very first public performance, but from day one they looked like professionals, it is something really special seeing them on stage together; they really bring out the best in each other and are able to summon this larger than life confidence that translates to their audience and makes everyone feel at home. Most of all; they look like they are having fun! This contagious energy has their GEN-Z audience looking like an early 2000’s punk crowd.

Honey quickly became a cult classic summer tape and their fans were multiplying. The momentum was interrupted when Atay left to study abroad in Sweden for the fall semester. This time apart was tough on each of them as by now they were best friends and it didn’t feel right to do it without each other. This separation forced them to be innovative; they wrote songs over FaceTime, and found ways to make demos happen internationally. The plan was to remain totally independent and grow their careers

without anyone’s help. But in October, after a rigorous interview process, they allowed a manager to get involved; Dryden Mortimer, who’s attention was caught by fan footage on Instagram from their small summer shows. Dryden hadn’t managed an artist since 2014 (Kyle Mischiek), but needed to come out of retirement to get involved in what he considered a unique opportunity.

“I was itching to get back into the music industry but was really waiting for the right project, in July I saw footage of Atay & JAX performing on the Bridgewater boardwalk on a sunny afternoon; to my surprise they turned this all ages dry crowd into a high energy chaotic audience who looked like they had been partying all night... As soon as I seen that crazy level of fan engagement I knew these guys were special. After streaming Honey, and seeing the Pellet Gun Music Video, I was 100% in. But I am an impulsive person, who often jumps into passion projects too early, so I made myself wait 3 months, the rule was - If I am still as excited about these guys in September - I will give em a call.”

Together with their new manager they got organized for Atay’s return to Canada. They began creating YouTube content and selling merch in time for Christmas. Atay returned the second week of December and they immediately got back in the studio. It didn’t take long to get 12 new songs ready. They then released their album “Last Night” on February 15th, followed up with a music video for their lead single PG13, a small press tour, and a new social media strategy. They had 6 big performances planned across the maritimes to promote the record, but only 4 of them were fit in before Covid19 brought the live scene to a halt.



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Interview & Live Performance

Paul Brothers chats with Atay & JAX about their new album 'Last Night', then JAX performs an acoustic version of And I'll Wait for you Tonight (Atay lost his voice)


Edgy and playful lyrics with introspective themes

What I love about this album is that it combines edgy and playful lyrics with introspective themes. JAX is a witty and charismatic artist who knows how to set the bar higher and really put so much depth into his songs.


“I wish that people championed their local artists the way they do sports teams.” - Atay

Atay: 2020 brings the funnest album i’ve ever gotten to work on. I can’t wait to play the songs live and show people just how hard we have worked to get here. 2020 has new music videos, new solo projects, and so much more experimentation.




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