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Last Night Review

Last Night Review

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Atay & JAX - And I'll Wait for You Tonight (Official Video)

Atay & JAX - And I'll Wait for You Tonight (Official Video)

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Atay & JAX - PG-13 (Official Video)

Atay & JAX - PG-13 (Official Video)

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Jeff's Musical Car - Atay & JAX

Jeff's Musical Car - Atay & JAX

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An unlikely pair



Atay & JAX are a Nova Scotian hip hop duo compiled of Adam Taylor of Spryfield and Jaxon Booth of Lunenburg. Each of them spent several years struggling as indie rappers before coming together in 2019. Atay first saw JAX perform at an all ages show at the Halifax Pavilion, then invited JAX to his studio where they recorded Pellet Gun, this song made them hometown heroes, and they quickly developed a reputation for their gritty, high energy, punk-esque performances. Together they serve a mellow, alternative hip-hop sound with comedic undertones and small-town stories.




Adam "Atay" Taylor of Spryfield, Nova Scotia, is a rapper, singer, producer, and university student who is in his final year of a psychology degree. His growth over the years as an artist has been both a solo journey of self discovery in his bedroom studio, and a social experiment of letting others into his process, and through doing so, becoming a more dynamic writer and confident performer. 


Jaxon “JAX” Booth is an artist, skateboarder and college dropout from Lunenburg Nova Scotia. JAX bends genre with catchy pop melodies, his punk demeanour, and pure hip-hop verses. He is known for his edgy and playful lyrics with introspective themes.


These best friends and musical partners are best known for their duo projects. Together they perform, record, and tour as Atay & JAX and have a small but hardcore fanbase that is most strong in Eastern Canada.  In February of 2020 they released their first LP as a duo, since then LAST NIGHT has been streamed over 300,000 times. Together they are leading a movement of young-adult fans who aren’t quite ready to grow up.


It is something really special seeing them on stage together; they bring out the best in each other and are able to summon this larger than life confidence that translates to their audience and makes everyone feel at home. Most of all; they look like they are having fun! This contagious energy has their GEN-Z audience looking like an early 2000’s punk rock crowd.


"While writing we design our music from the ground up to be performed live. In the studio we are thinking about how this is going to sound on stage, and how the fans are going to react. If you watch the "And I'll Wait for You Tonight" Music Video you'll see what our pre-covid shows looked like, the fans go crazy and we feed off that energy. Since covid we have been adapting our sets to bring that same energy to a socially distanced crowd and we are very proud of how it sounds and know you will be too". - Atay



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Interview & Live Performance

Paul Brothers chats with Atay & JAX about their new album 'Last Night', then JAX performs an acoustic version of And I'll Wait for you Tonight (Atay lost his voice)


Edgy and playful lyrics with introspective themes

What I love about this album is that it combines edgy and playful lyrics with introspective themes. JAX is a witty and charismatic artist who knows how to set the bar higher and really put so much depth into his songs.


“I wish that people championed their local artists the way they do sports teams.” - Atay

Atay: 2020 brings the funnest album i’ve ever gotten to work on. I can’t wait to play the songs live and show people just how hard we have worked to get here. 2020 has new music videos, new solo projects, and so much more experimentation.




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